Spindrifter Weighted Air Dome

The Weighted Air Dome

  • Quality Spindrifter Airdome with weighted base for use with Air Pumps of over 25ltr/min.
  • Highly recommended and used at Cascade.
  • The Spindrifter Airdome/Airstone promotes water circulation into the bottom drain, or keeps waste matter on the move until picked up by the pump, improving the removal of solids from the pond bottom
  • The Spindrifter Air Dome is fish friendly - no sharp edges to cause damage to fish
  • Various fittings available to suit all ponds and drains in common use.
  • The 1/2" hose connection fits most air pumps on the market.
  • Self cleaning air dome
  • Does not block up like air stones
Spindrifter Weighted Air Dome
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