NT Labs Swimbladder Treatment

NT Labs Swimbladder Treatment

  • Gets to Work Inside the Fish
  • Aids Bouyancy
  • Harmless to Filter Bacteria

Fish use their swimbladder for buoyancy and stability when it becomes infected with Aeromonas or Pseudomonas bacteria species it can cause stress which may result in death.

Swimbladder Treatment prevents bacterial build up and gets to work to eradicate these disease causing bacteria.

This treatment uses a combination of acridine dyes as active ingredientsof therapy which creates a strong vivid fluorescent colour in the water during treatment - if treating a single fish you can isolate to a hospital tank or bowl if preferred to viewing in a brightly lit display aquarium under lights which will increase colour effect. The Colour is the active ingredient and so all the while it is there the fish is under treatment.

Once fish is recovered water changes can be conducted to reduce colour in water and use of Colour and Toxin remover - filter Carbon will remove final traces of taints and colour in aquarium

If worried about colouring gravels - test first at diluted rate - some materials may absorb colours

Repeat treatment after 7-10 days as necessary , Isolation in a shallow hospital tank will often help with those fish unable to control buoyancy that may have trouble regulating the depth they swim at and prevent harrasment by other fishes.

Common Aquarium Fish Diseases

White Spot Disease
A common ailment that responds to treatment well, although it is best to treat the whole tank.

Look for torn, ragged or stuck- together fins. Try to treat at early stage - if the rot reaches the body, cure is unlikely.

Velvet Disease
Infected fish have a dusty look, the treatment is similar to White Spot.

Skin/Gill Flukes
Watch for fish scratching themselves on rocks or plants, this nasty parasite causes colour to fade and fish to become feeble - they may rest near the surface. It responds well to treatment.

Slimy Skin
A thin grey film that covers their body - usually in response to parasites.

White spots that join to form patches. Fish become emaciated and twisted - often caused by poor condition and food.

Usually only attacks fish weakened by other poor conditions, disease or parasites. Healthy fish will not be affected.

Mouth Fungus
Unlike body fungus, this requires specific treatment.

Eye Infections
Cloudy, protruding eyes could be the sign of fungus, bacteria, parasites or even fish tuberculosis.

Highly contagious and difficult to cure, the fish's body can become so bloated that the scales protrude. Sick fish must be removed at once.

Fungal infections often arise at the site of any physical damage sustained by the fish. They can also occur as “secondary infections” at sites where there is an existing infection (for instance around ulcers). Fungus is present at low levels in the tank all of the time, and it is only when the fish is stressed or damaged that it tends to cause a problem. TetraMedica FungiStop is a remedy specifically designed to cure fungal diseases.

Parasitic infections are those caused by parasites. Parasites come in a variety of shapes and forms, and it is usually necessary to examine them under a microscope in order to identify them. There are some common parasites that are easier to identify, for example white spot (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) appears as small white dots over the skin and fins. Fish tanks that are very crowded, with poor water quality, are most at risk from parasite problems. TetraMedica ContraSpot is designed to cure the majority of fish parasite problems.

NT Labs Swimbladder Treatment
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