Blanket Weed and Algae Cures

Blanket Weed and Algae Cures

Blanket weed

Blanket weed has to be the biggest subject of discussion in the koi and water gardening industry. Here at Cascade we take Blanket Weed very seriously, Our customers demand we continually search for the latest miracle cure for Blanket Weed. Some are just that and others are weird powders with dubious claims, so we have put together a few cures that we know work against the dreaded green menace, these have been recommended by our customers over the years and i am sure some work better than others but once you find a good one stick with for a season and then try a change because Blanket Weed is clever stuff.

Here are a few quotes from leading manufacturers of blanket weed and algae products

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer

Cloverleaf “Blanket Answer” is a unique blend of minerals and enzymes to combat blanket weed – the nightmare curse of many a pond keeper. The special formula works in all temperatures, and seeks to succeed where many commercial bacteria cultures will fail. It is 100% safe for all pond fish, plants, and biological filtration systems. UV units or protein skimmers need not be switched off. Unlike some products on the market Blanket Answer is not dependent upon water temperature, and is not held back/restricted by high ph levels.

Goodbye Blanket Weed

Goodbye Blanket Weed restores your pond's balance by breaking down and digesting the materials in a pond that create algae and blanket weed problems. By reducing the nutrient levels in a pond, blanket weed growth will be reduced.

Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed

STOP Blanketweed

STOP Blanketweed is to be used only in the treatment of filamentous algae, commonly known as blanket weed in ornamental and garden ponds.

Blanket weed is one of the most hated problems of pond keeping and a nuisance to everyone as it makes your pond unsightly, blocks filters, pumps and pipes. STOP Blanketweed is a unique product which will kill & prevent the regrowth of blanket weed if used as instructed. STOP Blanketweed is easy and simple. Contains no harmful chemicals. Safe for all pond inhabitants.

Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed gives Increased oxygen availability.
Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed is Impossible to overdose.
Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed is Safe for all pond inhabitants.
Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed is Very effective. Dose only as needed.

Viresco Koi

Viresco koi blanket weed…Removes nitrate.
Viresco koi blanket weed…Harmless to wildlife.
Viresco koi blanket weed…Reduces phosphate.

Cascade are committed to stocking only the best blanket weed products. Cascade has had excellent customer response to All the blanket weed products on this site.

Information on Blanket weed

The species of filamentous algae that perhaps causes the most concern in fresh water systems around the world is Cladophora glomerata. This is called blanket weed (blanketweed). However, there are over 150 different species of cladophora.

Blanket weed (blanketweed) can grow at tremendous rates when the conditions in the pond are suitable. In very high light levels with high levels of nutrients, blanket weed can grow at over 2 metres per day.
Other filamentous algae, also referred to as blanketweed or blanket weed, that cause problems in ponds are species of Spirogyra, Rhizoclonium and Enteromorpha. Worldwide, there are over 400 different species of the genus Spirogyra. Spirogyra tends to show in ponds as a tangled pond scum. It is also called "water silk", "silk weed" and "mermaid tresses". On sunny days, the mats of spirogyra filaments usually float on the surface of the water. They are kept afloat by tiny bubbles of oxygen arising from photosynthesis. These algal mats then sink when the sun goes down and the process reverses as photosynthesis is reduced. As a result, the strands of Spirogyra consume oxygen for cellular respiration. Carbon dioxide is then produced as a waste product. Where there are thick algal mats present, large fluctuations in the dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the water can occur. This can lead to rapid changes in the pH of the water that in turn can cause stress and even death to other organisms, eg fish, living in the water.
Enteromorpha intestinalis is another form of blanket weed that occurs in ponds. It is tubular in form and rarely grows longer than about 40cm. There are over 50 different species of the genus Enteromorpha. There are over 20 species of the filamentous genus Rhizoclonium.

Control of Pond Algae

The presence of algae in ponds need not necessarily cause a problem. However, in many cases it does and the pondkeeper is advised to remove it.
Planktonic algae can be controlled in garden ponds by installing an ultra violet filter. The UV light is very effective in agglomerating these single celled algae into clumps that then can be "caught" in the physical filter attached to the pond.
However, UV filter lights have no effect on filamentous or macrophytic algae and other control methods have to be used. These methods include the use of chemicals and microbial products. Many pond keepers prefer not to use chemical methods.

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer

Comments from Customers

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer.

I used this product April last year and still no blanket weed yet, its brill stuff. Cheers Andy.

Quote: After 14 years of blanket weed problems I have found a cure!!!!!!!!!!

The product is called Blanket Answer and is sold by Cloverleaf .Its a powder you sprinkle onto the surface, It goes milky for a while and you must have a good air pump running with airstones. Up till 2 months ago I have always had 5mm of the shite on my pond walls. With this gear I have none. A BIG THANK YOU to Cloverleaf.

Quote: Cloverleaf Blanket Answer. I don't know anyone it has NOT worked for.

Quote: Try cloverleaf's Blanket weed answer it well turn your pond white for 5 or 6 days but it will clear and the b/w will die. Did mine last year (end of march) and still no b/w at all it is chemical free as well hope this helps

Quote: If you have approx £15 to spend...get some Cloverleaf Blanket Answer. This stuff is magic and trust clears the blanket weed.

Quote: We had blanket weed so bad last year it was blocking the bottom drains, I used a full dose of the Cloverleaf blanket answer, It did make the pond look like milk for over a week but boy did it ever work, in fact it worked so well the dead blanket weed was blocking the filters! This was early summer 2005 and not had a touch of blanket weed since, The sides of the pond are showing the fibreglass with just a tinge of brown stuff growing on it.

Quote: The best and only stuff I have used is the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer. I used to have blanket weed but not anymore. Ian.

Quote: I've just purchased a bottle of the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer and have applied a dose to commence the 4 - 5 days of milky water. I'm now eager to see if the treatment lives up to the praise it gets!! I think the fish are wondering what the hell I'm doing as I strive to clean my water and I've just chucked a load of powder in but hopefully their understand in a few days!! Being a very impatient person, I couldn't give the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer 4-5 days to do its stuff..... I gave it 3 days instead......And not a sign of blanket weed in sight. Believe me, I had loads of it. All ponds sides were covered, huge long strands of it were almost reaching a foot or two long. All the pipes feeding to my pump and air stones were covered. but now everything is clear as a bell (of blanket-weed at least, the water still needs sorting). So 10 out of 10 for this product and massively recommended if you have the problem!!

Quote: Cloverleaf Blanket Weed Answer for me every time. I bought some for the first time this year after trying many other methods and this sorted it in a couple of days and its not returned. In fact, of all the things I've bought for the pond this year, its the best thing I've paid for!

Quote: Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is the name of the product I have recently used it myself and it works wonders. It took approx 2 weeks to rid my pond completely of blanket weed. It also puts a nice polish on the water.
Quote: I gave it 3 goes with the EA earlier this year and it was still growing, hit it with 2/3rd dose of Cloverleaf Blanket Answer and it is back to bare walls - my pond was clearing after 2 days and crystal after about 4/5.

More Notes On Cloverleaf Blanket Answer

Further tests & experiments carried out over 18 months (2005/2006) have shown that Blanket Answer can be applied to the pond via the alternative of mixing and stirring the product into a can or bucket containing 2 gallons/9 litres of pond water. The small benefit is that the milky appearance of the pond water does clear in a faster period (about 3 days) than when Blanket Answer is sprinkled onto the pond surface. Where extensive clumps of blanket weed exists manual removal of the worst is recommended as a sensible & logical step before treating. It should be generally noted that some instances might be witnessed where following an application fish are seen “mouthing” at the surface. This is not a positive sign of danger (when the product certainly does not deplete oxygen levels), but as with many additives placed in the pond the fish become inquisitive as to its content and whether it is edible.

Users will find that the best of visual awareness as to the erosion of any filamentous algae will come about following the second application, but this is hardly to mean that no visual signs will be apparent within the first month. Indeed the ingredients of Blanket Answer will start to work immediately, and will be seen to even make a contribution towards the filter mediums staying cleaner. Whilst some amounts of breaking down the algae will result in weed particles being pumped into the filter, the unique ingredients will also erode the algae conveying the illusion that it has vanished into thin air.

Many Koi keepers have a routine of flushing out their large filter systems, and carrying out small water changes at very regular intervals. Alas Blanket Answer is not so magical as to be immune from being flushed out of the pond, however with the purifying properties within the treatment the ponds past balance will change for the better, and so Cloverleaf recommend that water changes are restricted on the basis of only doing so if detrimental water parameters are established by a test kit. For those who refuse to go down such paths, then the other option is to add a dose of Blanket Answer every 4 weeks – making a total of 13 treatments per annum instead of the normal 8. Minor overdosing is not known to be dangerous, but likewise nothing is to be gained in applying a higher dose rate at any one session. Those making use of pressurised canister filters which incorporate a bypass when blocked should ensure that the filter is kept clean, and not allowed to become blocked to the point of the bypass facility then pumping particles of weed around & around the pond.

The recommended schedule for applying 8 doses per year is based upon dosing during the months of March to October with no treatment required during the 4 winter months between November and February. It is certainly the case that filamentous algae’s will often continue to grow (or exist) during the colder months, but the amalgamated potency of 8 doses of Blanket Answer will be sufficient to protect the pond during the winter.

There will be many pond keepers who obtain good success in the short term. They can be fully assured that they will not be “locked in” to having to purchase Blanket Answer every month of their lives.

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer Cloverleaf “Blanket Answer” is a unique blend of minerals and enzymes to combat blanket weed – the nightmare curse of many a pondkeeper. The special formula works in all temperatures, and seeks to succeed where many...
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