Koi Pond Filters

Filtration of koi ponds is probably the most discussed subject in our hobby, everybody has their own opinions but one thing is sure, you the koi hobbyist must find a Koi Dealer you can trust and a Koi Dealer that has over 25 years experience designing, building, learning and constantly improving!!

Look No Further...Cascade has built its' knowledge of koi pond filtration over many years and has embraced the massive changes in technology and design over the last few years. Chambers, Vortex’s, Sand Filters, Trickle Towers, Various Bubble Bead Filters, Bakki Showers, Wheelie Bin conversions, Black Boxes and god knows what else.

Cascade will drag you kicking and screaming into the 21’st century with modern filtration systems, World beating Koi filtration technology from Evolution Aqua and “The Nexus”, “The Nexus Eazy”, “The Answer”, “The Eazy Pod”, Kaldnes K1 Fluid bed technology.