Koi Varieties

Nishikigoi, commonly referred to as "Koi" are the national fish of Japan, therefore the fish's name is derived from the Japanese language. "Nishiki" is the Japanese word used to describe a highly coloured cloth. "Goi or Koi" is the Japanese name for carp. Together, therefore "Nishikigoi" is derived from coloured carp. However, as koi keeping has become more popular throughout the world, people now refer to these species as "Koi".

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Contrary to belief, Koi are not indigenous to Japan. They were believed to originate from eastern Asia, in the Black, Caspian, Aral Seas and China. The earliest written records of Koi were found in China. Koi were believed to be introduced to Japan with the invading Chinese and a first account of them being kept by an emperor in Japan, apparently dates Back to AD 200.