Water Features

Water Features for Ponds

Welcome to beautifully simple water gardening...

Nowadays almost every homeowner can include some form of pond or water feature in their garden. Even if space is very limited, a patio or even a conservatory can accommodate a spouting ornament or a pebble pool

These smaller features are also an excellent ‘child-safe’ option for younger households.

Glass, metal, canvas, mirrors nowadays these materials are as much a part of garden design as flowers, shrubs and trees. But there is no doubt that water adds a special dimension and today’s garden designers make full use of its potential to create stunning ponds and amazing effects

Modern pond equipment can make almost anything possible in replicating natural forms of water in the garden, from a crashing waterfall to a gently bubbling spring. Make sure that the feature blends with the rest of the garden. Above all don’t try to bring together a collection of incoherent forms of water feature which don’t fit comfortably into the landscape of the garden, otherwise the overall look will seem contrived and your interest in it is likely to wane.

From the guidelines provided it should be easy to draw up a rough list of materials and equipment you need for the style of water garden feature you desire. Take a little time to acquaint yourself with the various types of water garden equipment, their purpose and use. Planning ahead also means understanding what’s needed to make a water feature work and continue to do so, trouble-free. Many problems can be avoided, for example, by carefully choosing the best range of equipment and materials for your needs.

Building a pond or water feature, however small, involves outlay of both cash and effort. If you decide part way through that you’ve been over-ambitious it might prove to be difficult and expensive to undo what has already been done. A precise plan is the best way to start, so you can make major decisions before rushing headlong into a project.

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