Tetra Feeding Guide

A marine diet

Tetra’s marine foods provide a balanced diet for marine fish, containing the correct nutrients to keep them healthy. In particular, marine fish require certain fatty acids that are not essential for freshwater fish. They also contain a blend of marine ingredients, such as seaweed and crustaceans, for excellent acceptability and quality.

Low waste production is also important for marine aquariums, as marine fish and invertebrates are more sensitive to changes in water quality. Tetra Marine foods are formulated to be highly digestible, which means more nutrients are available to the fish, and less are excreted into the water. This helps control nitrate, phosphate, and other pollutants.

Types of food

Because of their good acceptability, frozen and live foods have traditionally made up a large part of the diet given to marine fish. However, these rarely offer a complete diet in themselves, and can result in excessive waste production. Therefore it is better to stick to dry foods as the basis of the diet, unless you have fish with very particular feeding needs (these are best avoided unless you are an experienced fishkeeper).

Tetra’s marine foods are widely accepted by marine fish - even those traditionally considered to be fussy. By using these as the main part of the diet, you will ensure that the fish receive a complete mix of essential vitamins and nutrients. To enrich the diet and provide variety, treat foods such as Tetra FreshDelica Brine Shrimp can be offered several times a week.

Which Tetra foods?

Tetra offers several marine foods, each offering specific benefits to your fish. In a mixed aquarium, you will benefit from feeding a combination of these, to ensure all the fish get the nutrition they need.

Tetra Marine Flakes provides a complete, floating diet for a wide range of marine fish. It contains a mix of seaweed, algae, fish oils and marine crustaceans for a balanced diet. For smaller fish, use Tetra Marine Flakes XS.

Tetra Marine Crisps offers a superior daily diet for marine fish. It is produced at a lower temperature compared to flakes, to preserve more essential nutrients. Plus it is more digestible, resulting in less waste. Feed Crisps for a cleaner, healthier aquarium.

Tetra Marine Granules XS is a sinking diet for mid-water and substrate-feeding marine fish. It provides a complete, balanced diet, and includes marine crustaceans, seaweed, fish oils and algae.

When buying new marine fish, check their feeding requirements with your aquatics outlet to ensure you choose the right diet for them.

How much to feed?

Most marine fish should be fed twice a day with Tetra Marine foods, offering only what they can eat within a few minutes. Treat foods, such as FreshDelica, can be offered several times a week in place of a normal fish foods