Our highly skilled Tropical Fish and Marine Fish team alongside our newly installed state of the art Marine system and well established Tropical system ensures that all interests are catered for whether it is a simple Tropical setup or a full Marine Reef System. Tanks from Rena, Juwel, Red Sea Max and Aqua One, and our extensive range of dry goods such as, Air pumps, Frozen Fish Food, New Era Marine Flake and Pellets, Salifert Test Kits, Internal and External filters, Skimmers, Heaters, Lighting units, Ro units and Ro water, Treatments and Food, form the perfect base for beginning and maintaining such projects. Our online shop, Tropical Bitz & Marine Bitz Is growing rapidly so pay it a visit and check out our prices.

Cascade have been selling Tropical Fish and Marine Fish and Invertebrates for over 25 years, Our long term learning experience with both tropical and marines means we can help our customers overcome any problems they may encounter with there tanks or equipment. We have weekly shipments of Tropical Fish, Marine Fish, Soft Corals, Hard Corals, Invertebrates, Anemone, Algae Eating Hermit crabs, Various Snails.

Marine Fish

MarineBitz is a rapidly growing Online Shop for all your Marine Heating Filtration Skimmers Marine Accessories