Marine Treatments, Salts, Buffers and Additives

Marine Fishkeeping Tips:
There are several key factors that require attention to keep your Marine fish healthy:
  • Constant water conditions. Water quality should be checked regularly as bad water quality is the primary cause of disease. Regular water changes should be carried out.
  • Feed a diet that contains varied nutrition and is low in Phosphates.
  • New fish should be quarantined until you are sure that they are not infected.
  • Regularly check / add calcium levels, trace elements and vitamin supplies, these are important for Marine fish.
  • Keeping a Marine aquarium of more than 200 litres (45 Gallons) is preferable.
  • A Marine aquarium should ideally contain live rock.
  • Make sure that your aquarium is correctly stocked (avoid overstocking).
  • Regularly renew the contents of your filter.
  • Run an effective and correctly sized protein skimmer.
  • Aquariums containing invertebrates have specific lighting needs.
  • Algae consuming hermit crabs and snails are a very beneficial addition for a Marine aquarium.

Aiptasia X

Aiptasia Anemone-Reef Pest A truly great new product from Red Sea, Aiptasia X really works and is actually fun to use. Eliminate Aiptasia with Aiptasia-X, In an exciting development for reef-keepers Red Sea has developed a unique patent pending...

eSHa Oodinex Marine Fish Treatment

eSHa Oodinex - Wide Range Marine Treatment (with inverts)OODINEX is a wide range disease treatment for marine fish in aquariums that contain inverts. The unique formula solves wide range of fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections. • Safe to...

Salifert All In One

Salifert All In One Supplement All in One makes the use of the so-called A and B calcium and alkalinity supplements unnecessary. It contains almost everything required for growth by corals and the beautiful encrusting pink and red coralline...

Salifert Coral Food

Salifert Coral Food Additive Soft, hard and leather corals require certain nutrients for growth and energy and these nutrients must contain fatty acids, vitamins, polymeric carbohydrates, proteins with a proper amino acid composition and some...

TMC Bio Calcium

TMC Tropic Marin Bio Calcium All calcareous animals, especially corals, need calcium to grow and flourish. However, the growth rate of corals depends mostly on the algae that live symbiotically within them as this algae uses carbon dioxide...

TMC Triple Buffer

TMC Tropic Marin Triple BufferTriple Buffer, for marine environments, raises and stabilises pH and alkalinity in the aquarium as well as adding the exact natural proportions of all 70 trace elements found in pure seawater. It adds no...