NTLabs Koi Care Medi Clay

Koi Care Mediclay

Pure high-grade ultra fine powdered montmorillonite revitaliser clay. Mediclay acts as an electro-chemical -adsorbent drawing in the charged compounds onto the molecules of aluminosilicate compounds that make up the clay this material when used properly dissipates throughout the water in a cloud and then is drawn to the filter or bottom drain taking with it the chemical waste attached by the charge. This process is called tyndalisation and results in a return of a sparkle and depth of clarity.
It has the beneficial side effect of adding trace elements that are of benefit to koi which are generally used to rooting aroundon muddy pond bottoms and so the clay is a dietary benefit (hence why NT use Mediclay as a unique ingredient in Medikoi Beauty Food)Mediclay controls waste build up of bacteria, algae and pollutants in flavor of nitrifiers. Clears water, improves health and appetite and reduces algae

400 grams treats 91,000 litres (20,000 gallons)

NTLabs Koi Care Mediclay

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